Soffit / Fascia Installation

Besides being a beautiful upgrade to the exterior of your home, did you know that proper soffit installation is key to the overall success of your home’s ventilation system?

The term soffit refers to the underside of a building’s roof overhang. This overhang can be cladded in various materials, such as aluminum and wood soffit installation, but for most residential applications, aluminum is preferred. The key point to take away is that soffits must be perforated and unobstructed for air to enter the attic space of a house and exhaust through the roof.

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At Silver Side Exterior, we start things off right with a thorough investigation of your home’s ventilation issues. We will always offer the most effective and affordable Soffit And Fascia Installation solution to our customers, and we will work tirelessly to maximize the performance of your system. With many colour options to choose from, transforming the look and function of your home is what Silver Side Exterior does best in the Vancouver.

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