Are you looking for Allura fiber-cement siding in Vancouver? If you do, allow us to be the ones to provide it! We are experts when it comes to working with this material. If you want to learn more about Allura, we have everything for you here.

At Silver Side Exterior, we have a lot of experience in fiber-cement siding installation. You can trust our talented and reliable experts to handle all aspects of your project.

Why Choose Allura

Allura makes stunning siding, panels, shingles, and backer board trim that you can use on your home. The materials they use are all strong, so they are sure to last. It is made with an advanced formula that lasts even under extreme conditions. The material is fire-proof and comes in many different designs. The cement can resemble different siding styles like wood or vinyl, for example.

Fiber-cement is generally made from a mixture of different substances. It includes durable cement, but the added materials make it even stronger. Wood pulp and fly ash are added to keep the cement flexible while deeply enhancing its durability.


Flawless factory finish with 2x the durability of on-site painting. Choose from 25 proprietary solid colors.

Specially formulated Allura Lap Siding not only looks great but lasts considerably longer than traditional exterior wall cladding or vinyl siding.

Our best-selling product is chosen time and time again for its deep, realistic, wood grain, while the Smooth texture creates a cleaner, modern aesthetic.

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