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Here, at Silver Siding we understand how important your home is for you as that’s where you spend the big part of your life and build beautiful memories. We want to help you to create the house of your dreams, whether it’s by helping you to fix a small repair or to re-side the entire house.

Our team of experienced siding specialists will guide you through each step of the siding project and provide you with the best solution to fit your siding needs.

Stress-Free Process

We walk with you each step of the way, making sure you are fully informed with how it’s going.

Total Protection

No matter what’s going on outside, you’ll always know your investment is fully protected.

Love Your Home Again

You deserve to get compliments from friends and neighbors who can’t help but rave about your new look.


Follow 4 Easy Steps

Once you have found a reliable contractor, like Silver Siding Exterior, who has given you an estimated cost for your siding project, it is time to prepare for the installation. Understanding the process will help you have realistic expectations and ensure a smooth and high-quality home improvement project.

While the size of your home is significant in any project, it is a key factor in your siding. The terrain and number of stories will impact your final quote and installation time. If you also include painting the siding, this will add a few days to the project.

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Preparing Your Home
Removing the Old Siding
Silver Siding Projects
Wall Preparation and Inspection
Installing Insulation