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Fiber Cement Siding “Hardie Panels”

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james hardie siding contractor

Fiber Cement Siding Contractor

Hardie Panels Vancouver

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James Hardie Siding Contractor Vancouver – we use the best fiber cement “James Hardie Siding” siding material for protection of wood from weather, pests, fire etc. at cost effective price.
james hardie siding contractor vancouver

Fiber Cement Siding "Hardie Panels"

As the best James Hardie Siding Contractor Vancouver, Fiber Cement is getting quite well know in the siding industry. Its popularity is due to the fact that it feels and looks more like wood than vinyl siding, and is available in styles that resemble wood shingles, clapboard and vertical panels. Fiber Cement board is resistant to moisture, insects, rot and hail. It does not rust and the life expectancy is fifty or more years. It is a low-maintenance choice, with power washing suggested once a year to give your home a fresh, new look; after twenty-five years, it may require a coat of paint.

Cost-wise, Fiber Cement is less expensive than wood siding, but more costly than vinyl siding because of its many advantages.

Silver Siding uses James Hardie siding, the world leader in Fiber Cement Siding and Backerboard. James Hardie Siding products have become very popular and people have been calling the siding “hardie board” or “hardie plank” but the only thing you would be concerned about is that it is indeed made by the Jame Hardie. Installation of Fiber Cement board is best left to professionals, as it requires special tools and experience. With our many years of expertise and experience installing various types of siding and being a James Hardie “Hardie Board” installer Westwood Siding is the right choice for you.

Most Popular Hardie Siding Colors


James Hardie is one of the biggest names in fiber-cement siding and home siding as a whole. Chances are if you’re shopping for new siding, you’ve heard of this deluxe product. One of the main things to love about it is the truly gorgeous Hardie siding colors.

Silver Siding Exteriors is a skilled fiber-cement installer with a long history of working in Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley. See our picks for the most popular, most-showstopping Hardie board colors!

Whichever Hardie color speaks to you, make sure that you work with an experienced installer. Hardie products can be susceptible to moisture damage if not properly installed, so professional installation by an experienced Hardie Pro is absolutely crucial. And as with any siding product, an expert installer will also include a properly-installed moisture mitigation system under any new siding or siding replacement job. We’re the Vancouver Hardie Pro to trust.