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AL13 Architectural Systems Vancouver | AL13 Architectural Systems Vancouver, Al13 metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on site, reducing costs, installation and lead times The system does not require pre-fabrication and can be installed on any type of structure.
AL13 Architectural Systems Vancouver

AL13 Architectural Systems

The AL13 Metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on site, cutting costs, while reducing installation, and lead times.
The system does not require any prefabrication and can be installed on any type of structure. The AL13 System differs from other ACM Systems in being a tab-over design. The panels are secured by the snap-lock fasteners. Panels are not welded or formed during construction. This allows for each panel to expand and contract across a broad temperature spectrum without causing buckling or oil-canning. The tab-over design is unique to AL13, consisting of five different aluminum extruded profiles. The panel spacers and extrusions work together to create a pressure equalized rain screen, allowing any moisture to exit.

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    AL13 Architectural Systems Vancouver

    Why Would You Want to Install AL13 Siding?

    AL13 has changed the game. Their metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on-site, reducing costs, installation, and lead times. This cladding option is really different from those offered by competitors since the panels are cut-to-fit on-site to eliminate any time-consuming off-site operations.

    Other features include:

    • Thanks to snap-lock fasteners and a thoughtfully designed system of profiles, AL13 siding installation is fast and streamlined.
    • In addition to all standard ACS advantages, AL13 siding is capable of expanding and contracting to adapt to temperature fluctuations. It also works great as a pressure-equalized rain screen that ensures moisture management.
    • The fire, water, and wind resistance of the siding are proved by AAMA508, ULC135, NFPA285, and other certificates.
    • The cladding requires no maintenance except cleaning with water and domestic detergent, which, when paired with high repairability, ensures cost-effectiveness in the long run.
    • The planks are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation to even expand possible applications and combinations.
    • The manufacturer provides a 15 years warranty covering both the cladding system and finish coating.

    Achieve a modern look with AL13

    AL13® panel and plank provide your home with a modern design that is easy to install! With industry-leading warranties, AL13® systems stand the test of time with minimal lifetime maintenance.


    Premium products, easy to install.

    In any geography and climate, our systems are designed to outperform any other cladding alternatives.

    Retrofit, building upgrades, or new builds – AL13® systems help generate higher ROI and increased property values.

    Tall buildings favor AL13

    AL13® systems are durable – fully tested for fire, rain, and wind.

    Panel System: ULC-S102, ASTM E84, ULC-S134, NFPA 285, AAMA 508, ASTM E330
    Plank System: CAN/ULC-S114, ASTM E136, CAN/ULC-S102, ASTM E84, AAMA 508, ASTM E330, AAMA 2604 , AAMA 2605


    Inspirational buildings foster inspirational humans.

    AL13® continues to push innovation that brings value to any project. AL13® panel and plank are patented and proprietary systems, providing an experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

    Unlimited Colors

    AL13 products are available in a wide range of standard colors and finishes which are in stock should quick orders be necessary. Custom colors are also available through our spectrum process.